These Astrology Nails Are Trending And They Look So Celestial

In every circle of friends, there is always that one person who is sort of obsessed with astrology. And it just happens that I am the astrology freak in my circle. It’s funny because whenever my friends start going out with someone new, my first question is, “When’s their birthday?” And knowing what is about to hit them, they reluctantly give me their birth date. Well, none of them are into astrology even in the least bit so they find it pretty impressive how I know the dates and the signs by heart. And whenever my facial expression doesn’t look good after they’ve told me their birthday, they say, “What? What is that look of disapproval? What does that mean?” And I simply say, “Well, their star sign is Aries. Abort mission.” And then we all laugh it off.

People who are astrology fans try to incorporate astrology in almost anything and everything. And the latest trend is this nail art that involves planetary personalization. So, whether you’re an air, water, fire or earth sign, whether your sign is ruled by the beautiful Neptune or the ringed Saturn, there are plenty of ways to personalize your nail manicures with astrology.


Zodiac Signs Design

Here’s a display of how wonderful spring and summer signs look.

Here’s an homage to the spring and summer signs (and thematic jewelry to boot).



Festive Constellations

You can get as creative and as festive as you want by adding a little bit of glitter and finishing the look with a top coat.


Press-on Decals

This one is quite easy to pull off. Simply choose a base color and then place zodiac decals on each nail. Secure them tightly with a top coat and lastly, admire them all day long.



Lunar Designs

Is there anything more beautiful than the changing phases of the moon? Well, not really.



Interstellar Nails

Here’s another tip: Use the white nail polish to make your nails really stand out.


Starry Accents

What’s a better way to celebrate astrology and constellations than with the help of a few golden glittery stars? And use a nude color as your base coat so your nails will be popping.


These are ideal for any astrology fan, and with Halloween coming up, who knows how you’ll be able to incorporate them? 😉


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Source: Purewow