12+ Funny Pictures Proving That Children’s Logic Is Unlike Any Other

“Children see magic because they look for it.”

That’s right. Children’s creativity knows no boundaries. They have vivid imaginations, which contrary to us, it comes pretty natural to them. Ideally, every parent encourages and provides even more opportunities for children to use their creativity.

Unfortunately, they often think by giving their children free time, they’re wasting opportunities for them to learn something useful. However, they tend to forget that this is how children develop their creative imagination.

The compilation of photos we’re about to show you, prove that the children’s logic is like no other.

1. “She’s upset because she can’t have the corn oil that she’s convinced is apple juice.”

Photo Credit: grill_panda / Reddit

2. Because you create your own happiness.

Photo Credit: © haidernawaz99 / Reddit

3. Simple as that. You gotta problem?

Photo Credit: © unknown user/ reddit

4. There’s a reason why we call dogs man’s best friend.


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Photo Credit: aussiesdoingthings

5. I wish it were that simple kid, I wish…

Photo Credit: © DrEckskerl/ twitter

6. I bet that sticks.

Photo Credit: © gamechanger / Reddit

7. This boy is going places.

Photo Credit: © rather0od / Imgur

8. “Asked the 2-year-old to brush his teeth and left him unsupervised…”

Photo Credit: © OnTheSubjectOfWeird / Reddit

9. Is he wrong though?!

children's logic is unlike any other
Photo Credit: © Vietnombie16 / Reddit

10. Should we call the police? Because that’s a crime right there kid.

children's logic is unlike any other
Photo Credit: © J3b3di3 / Reddit

11. “Since when is there a Christmas squid?”

children's logic is unlike any other
Photo Credit: © Inqubate / Reddit

12. Someone give this kid a medal.

children's logic is unlike any other
Photo Credit: © belal0200508/ imgur

13. “A birthday present from my 9-year-old.”- Fair enough.

children's logic is unlike any other
Photo Credit: © Dr_Risbo / Reddit

I bet these pictures got you like “Can’t argue with that!”

Well, thank you, parents, for documenting your children’s best moments and sharing them with the world.


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