Dad Photoshops His Premature Baby Doing Grown-up Things And We Can’t Keep The Laugh

Let us all agree on something, babies never have and never will cease to disappoint us with their chubbiness and their cuteness. It’s like, they are human beings just like us, but take our hearts to a whole new level.

Beware, the pictures we are about to show you will for sure melt your heart in a way that you don’t often feel. So, Matt MacMillan from New Jersey decided to share the cutest pictures of his baby doing different activities. I mean, not often you see a baby shaving, doing the morning exercises, or chopping woods. But, the couple from New Jersey has blessed us with such pictures.

Matt MacMillan shared for Bored Panda that their baby boy, Ryan “was born 9 weeks premature weighing just under 3 lbs. He spent 6 weeks in the NICU and it seemed to last forever.”

The couple didn’t only do the photo collection with Ryan but with their daughter too back when she was 2 years old.

When my daughter was born 2+ years ago, I photoshopped her playing sports as an infant and had wanted to do something similar for my son. Although things didn’t go according to plan we didn’t let it slow us down. We joked that he wasn’t premature just “advanced” – so I came up with the idea that we should do a photoshoot of him doing manly adult things.

Let us have a blast together!

About the whole process of taking the pictures and editing them, Matt said that the shoot takes about “15-20 minutes.”

Most of the work is in the setup and editing. First, I had to make props and find outfits for most of the pictures. The next step was setting up the scene, framing the shot, arranging props, and setting up the lighting where appropriate. Some of the setups were elaborate – like for the benchpress photo. For this one, I made a rig that hung from the ceiling. It mounted the camera and also held the barbell above Ryan so all he had to do was grip it rather than hold it up.

Matt doesn’t do this whole thing alone as his wife “helps out by holding him” so he “could put his hands/arms/legs in certain positions, holding things.”

Matt really does have great Photoshopping skills as he removes himself from the pictures combining the best parts of his body into a unified composite photo.

After I got the pictures of Ryan, I would take some shots of anything that he couldn’t actually hold, like the ax swinging or the fish on the fishing line. After each shoot, I would comb through these hundreds of photos and choose the best ones. 

It looks like someone is mowing the lawn.

Regarding how much people loved the pictures, Ryan shared that people seemed to love the photos and actually he could see a disappointment in people when the series came to an end.

Most people found them funny but there were always a few people that feared for Ryan’s safety. I always explained how the “danger” all came from photoshop and he was always being held and was never in any harm. I’m curious to see what Ryan thinks of them 18 years from now when he’s actually grown up.

Here you can see the baby blowing leaves.

This is the piece of advice that Matt gives to parents:

My three pieces of advice for parents of premature babies are to be patient, be positive, and seek support. Scroll down below to see all the fun we had with Baby Ryan!

Chopping that firewood

Something about fishing?

Tuning up mom’s Prius.

Who’s ready for Thanksgiving turkey?!

Hitting the office!

Someone’s started to get fit here.

Dad photoshops premature baby

Pumping iron!

Dad photoshops premature baby

We loved the pictures, what about you? Share some of your baby’s pics if you have in the comments’ section.


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Source: Boredpanda