Finland Is Offering People Free Vacations In Order To Spread Its Happiness To Others

Finland, who is known as the happiest country in the world, will be offering people free summer vacations in an effort to spread their happiness to others as well. It has been ranked as the happiest country in the world for the second year in a row now by the World Happiness Report, beating out the 156 other countries.

The way they’re trying to spread their happiness is by allowing people to “rent a Finn” who will show them, well, how to be happier. Though I do say, give a person a free holiday and you’ve automatically made them happy!

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The “Rent a Finn” program allows people to travel to Finland and spent time with one of eight volunteer hosts who are known as “happiness guides” and will show the foreigners their way of life, hoping the happiness is infectious.

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Visit Finland say:

RENT A FINN is a campaign where eight ordinary Finns invite foreign visitors to Finland to share their nature experiences with them. Finns want to make earth happy again!

We are renting eight ordinary Finns as happiness guides, who are helping foreign visitors to reconnect with nature this upcoming summer.

There are eight ordinary Finns who have signed up to be hosts, and will each provide their own unique experience and outlook on life.

One of the hosts is Esko, who’s the mayor of a rural town in Finnish Lapland called Rovaniemi, and wants to invite guests to his cottage and show them “authentic summertime activities of Northern Finland,” such as berry-picking, boating, and playing a Finnish throwing game called mölkky.

Source: VisitFinland

Another pair of hosts is a couple called Linda and Niko, who live in the southernmost island in the Finnish archipelago, Utö. In their bio, they’ve written that they will introduce their guests “to the simplicity of Archipelago life, surrounded by friendly, caring people and harsh, beautiful nature.” And they have a little dog who’ll be tagging along on the fun activities.

Source: VisitFinland

There’s also Katja, a yoga teacher and social services student, who lives in a wooden neighborhood of Helsinki called Käpylä which has been described as “idyllic.” She will take guests on a trip “to know the neighborhood’s old wooden houses and get a glimpse into its history,” as well as a visit to Kivinokka, where she shared a cottage with her boyfriend.

Source: VisitFinland

You can check out the rest of the hosts here, where you’ll also be shown how you can apply for the chance to experience this opportunity. In order to apply, you have to film a three-minute video describing yourself and your connection to nature as well as fill out an application on the website.

The accommodation and travel expenses are covered, and the days when you can visit differ depending on the hosts.


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