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Green Tea: What It Is, Its Health Benefits And Daily Dosage

When we think of being healthy, dieting, getting good nutrition and all of that good stuff, there is one thing among others that probably comes to everyone’s mind and that is green tea. Now, of course, it has been proven that drinking green tea is very beneficial.

For all of you that don’t already know, it has been shown that tea is the second most consumed drink, right after water. Even though most of the tea consumed is black and not green tea. The 20% of consumed green tea is made out of Camellia sinensis nonoxidized leaves which makes it so the tea has the most antioxidants and helpful polyphenols which are the micronutrients that our bodies get through certain plant-based foods. Among those being green tea.

The effect and nutrition it has on the body are extremely strong which is why it is constantly being used and consumed. It has been used from traditional Indian and Chinese people for centuries in both physical and mental health. It is known to have a relaxing and tranquilizing effect for its drinkers.

green tea
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You can find green tea in different types, as a whole leaf, powdered, in a tea bag, you can also find it bottled with some sort of sweetener. Green tea is known for many health benefits including brain function improvement and lower some types of cancers. In this article, we will see green tea’s health benefits and how much it is recommended to drink per day.

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Prevents Cancer

According to Medicalnewstoday studies done by the National Cancer Institute in the laboratory have shown that the polyphenols in the green tea have decreased tumor growth and can protect any damage that is done by UV radiation. Apparently, the antioxidants in the tea can kill cancerous cells and prevent them from growing. It has also been proven that in the countries where green tea is consumed the most, the cancer rates are lower than in other countries where tea is consumed less.

Studies have shown that there have been positive impacts on certain types of cancers such as:

  • Breast cancer
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Esophageal cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Skin cancer
  • Stomach cancer

Lowers Cholesterol

It’s been proven that green tea can help increase blood flow and lower cholesterol.


Even though not all studies agree, green tea may promote weight loss as well. Some do claim that green tea boosts metabolic rate and increases fat burning.

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Helps regulate glucose levels. Green tea drinkers are most likely to not have type 2 diabetes.


As we mentioned before, green tea has and is being used in medicine as well. Green tea has strong anti-bacterial properties which are very effective in killing bacteria. This comes due to the polyphenols in it. It even has been proven it can lower the risk of catching any sort of infections. 

Green Tea And Skin

Green tea is also known to be helpful in treating skin diseases such as psoriasis. Inflammatory diseases often are characterized by red, dry, flaky skin. Moreover, it has been proven that green tea can help with aging and the appearance of wrinkles with time. When applying green tea on the skin, it can also lower the risks from sun damage.


How Much Green Tea Should You Drink Per Day?

Normally, drinking a cup per day would seem like a good way to start and end the day. However, to be able to gain every health benefit green tea can provide, it is recommended to drink three or five cups a day.

green tea
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Drinking more than five cups a day has been proven to decrease the risk of stomach cancer. If you are trying to get on the road of drinking many cups of green tea a day, be aware of these things:

  • if you are sensitive to caffeine
  • suffer from insomnia
  • trying to have a baby

Having more than ten cups per day, no matter the health benefits, it is going to be a lot for your system.  If you want to incorporate green tea in your daily life or you already do, how beneficial did you find this article to be?


Disclaimer: The contents of this article: text, graphics, images, and other materials contained are strictly for informational purposes only. The content is NOT intended to be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis, advice, or treatment. Please, ALWAYS seek the advice of a qualified healthcare provider or cosmetologist with all the questions you may have about any medical condition or beauty regimen.


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