This Is How Prom-Goer’s Sister Spent $40 To Make $6,000 Dupe Heels

The number of times I have seen a pair of beautiful shoes fully aware that I can’t afford them is endless. Thankfully, there are so many gorgeous shoes out there, but what happens when you just so happen to absolutely fall in love with the most expensive heels?

Well, this one calls for desperate measures.

dupe heels
Photo Credit: ethatcher via imgur

When a high schooler saw a pair of $6,000 Daffodile Strass Louboutin’s, she just knew there was no way she would be able to afford the pricey pumps to her prom night.

dupe heels
Photo Credit: ethatcher via imgur

These 6-inch heel blue beauties are adorned with crystal iridescent Swarovski crystals. They are absolutely gorgeous, but six thousand dollars on these? As beautiful as they are, no shoes are worth spending that much money on right?

Thankfully, the high schooler’s sister found a way for her sister to have her own pair of heels for prom. Her idea was to make her sister her own dupe heels. The crafter bought a few things:

  • $25 pair of Steve Madden heels
  • red and blue paint
  • blue rhinestones
  • and glue!

The talented bedazzler, who goes by the username ethical_rhyme, shared her creative work with the Reddit community. She wrote that she did what she thought was best. But honestly, she did a terrific job. I mean, just look at them!

dupe heels
Photo Credit: ethatcher via imgur

Can’t tell them apart right? I mean those gems might not be Swarovski crystals, but they sure do look like it and sparkly as well. No real Louboutin-inspired heels would be complete without the signature red bottom. To achieve that scarlet color, ethical_rhyme bought acrylic paint and sealed the color up with two layers of liquid polyurethane.

And because proms are meant to be fun and a night where you dance pretty much all night, the sister bedazzled another a pair of comfortable flats to change into later in the night. Talk about having the best sister ever!

Ethical_rhyme only spent about 40 dollars on everything she needed and that’s with the shoes included! 

*Runs to the store to buy all the needed materials and bedazzle myself a pair of them too*


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