‘Human Ken Doll’ Rodrigo Alves Claims His Body Can’t Take Any More Surgeries

Rodrigo Alves, also known as ‘Human Ken Doll’ revealed that he thinks his body can no longer handle any more surgeries.

The 35-year-old who has had over 70 surgeries, opened up about his last chin implant which went terribly wrong, leaving him with a permanent dent. Alves explained that he woke up from the surgery to find a dent, and had to get corrective surgery to fix it. As his body has had enough surgeries, Alves hopes this is the last one.

Speaking to the MailOnline, the 35-year-old said:

I hope that this was my last surgery my body just can’t take it anymore. I just can’t help the fact that I had an infection which deformed my chin.

Yesterday was my first day out and about after having the OP on Saturday. My face is very swollen still, I am struggling to eat and to drink. Liquid just goes everywhere.

He showed off his new look at the Mercedes Benz fashion show where he posed for the cameras and praised the doctor who remodeled his chin.

I had a massive chin makeover with Dr. Ali Mezdegi at Comfort Zone. My chin is absolutely perfect now it is small at a V-shape. The surgeon did a very fine and sophisticated job.

human ken doll surgeries
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It’s not the first time Alves has said he’s done with plastic surgery. In February, after undergoing his 11th nose job, he said he was finished ‘for the next few years’.

During an appearance on the British talk show This Morning, Alves said:

If I was a smoker or had an illness, it would be a risk or a danger. I’m done with plastic surgery for the next few years and if I need to have surgery I can, my entire body has been modified.

He told hosts, Holly Willoughby, and Philip Schienfield that his decision to get a nose job was a good one as he was struggling for years with a blocked nose.

Now I can breathe, I had my nose done for the 11th time. It’s been four years. I was living with my nose blocked. It’s like having a constant cold, not being able to taste food or wine. My nose was a dead organ. I caught a bacterial infection. I had to wait all this time.

human ken doll surgeries
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Alves also got a Canthopexy, his fifth one, actually, which is an eye-lift surgery to make him look like a ‘sexy cat’.

For the first two days, I couldn’t close my eyes properly. ll close my eyes now. I’m tender everywhere.


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Alves defended his choice of getting surgeries saying he is a healthy person and had done ‘lots of blood tests’. I guess we’ll find out in the future whether this really was his last time going under the knife.


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