12+ Pictures That Show The World Around Us Is Full Of Interesting Things

The world is filled with beautiful things, we only need to take some time from the hectic flow of the day to stop and watch, stop and explore, stop and realize that the beauty that we have been looking for is all around us.

Being curious means asking questions, wandering around trying to explore new things, and always being hungry for more knowledge, new adventures, and information. And, although we cannot explore all the hidden corners of the world, there are places, such as the internet, where we can find out how things work around this earth of ours.

The list you’re going to see below, compiled by Bored Panda, shows the unexplored things and places that will captivate you and fill you with awe. By the end of the scroll, you’ll probably be left with heart-eyes. Scroll to see and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


1. If you were ever interested to know what a cleaned heart looks like.

interesting things world
Photo Credit: Doris Taylor


2. The giant heads of the Easter Island have bodies. Who would have thought? This is strangely satisfying.

interesting things world
Photo Credit: eisp.org


3. How grains of salt look under an electron microscope.

Photo Credit: BunyipPouch


4. This is a baby flamingo. Cutest!!

Photo Credit: ashiruuu


5. Aurora of various planets.

Photo Credit: nixonico , NASA/Hubble


6. An intact human nervous system.

Photo Credit: DerekS428


7. Large ice crystals in Switzerland. Simply beautiful!

Photo Credit: simplywing


8. Organs in the glass frog can be seen clearly.

Photo Credit: Jaime Culebras


9. This is a globe designed for blind people.

Photo Credit: SamwiseGimli


10. “An agate shell. Minerals have grown in the voids of the shell and eventually replaced the shell too.”

Photo Credit: H1ggyBowson


11. View of the Moon transiting the Earth.

Photo Credit: DSCOVR/NASA


12. Sometimes, 5-pointed starfish can be squared because of birth defects.

Photo Credit: Phil Mercurio


13. Behind a reporter’s back!

Photo Credit: kuyakim_atienza


14. Dun Briste Sea Stack, Downpatrick Head, Co. Mayo, Ireland (What thousands of years look like).

Photo Credit: Mike Searle


15. A snow-covered net roof of the aviary in the zoo.

Photo Credit: Littlemeggie

Any thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below.


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