Jordyn Woods Shares The Truth About The Cheating Scandal On The Red Table Talk

The tea has just been spilled.

Jordyn Woods has opened up about the cheating scandal with NBA player Tristian Thompson in an exclusive interview with Jada Smith on her online TV show, Red Table Talk. Unless you have been living under a rock for these past few days then you know what has been going on with the Kardashian/Woods scandal. Jodryn Woods, Kylie Jenner’s best friend was caught cheating with Tristian Thompson, Khloe’s boyfriend.

Normally, the internet reacted and has been buzzing with opinions and talk. Neither one of the people involved came forward with a statement regarding these rumors, until now. Jordyn Woods is telling her side of the story on the Red Table Talk.

jordyn woods red table talk
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Jordyn claims that she wasn’t drunk during the night when the scandal reportedly happened:

I was drunk, I was not tipsy, I was drunk.

However, she continues her story saying that she was aware of everything that happened that night. On her way out Jordyn claims that when she decided to go home Tristian grabbed her and she admits he kissed her.

He did kiss me. On the way out he did kiss me… it’s just no passion no nothing in the way out, he just kissed me and…it was like a kiss on the lips but no tongue kiss, no making out nothing.

Jordyn doesn’t blame Tristian, saying “she allowed herself to be in that position.”

When asked by Jada if she was shocked when that happened, she said she didn’t know how to react. She walked out immediately after that. Woods also says that after it happened she got into the car and thought to herself “that did not happen.”


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Jada asks Woods if she confronted Thompson for what he did:

Really, I was like, let me just pretend that didn’t happen… Maybe he was just like “let me just shoot my shot.”

Jordyn continues her story saying that she talked to Kylie and Khloe the day after, acting as if everything was okay and nothing had happened the night before:

I was honest about being there but I was not honest about the actions that had taken place… I was like let me not throw more fuel on the fire… I was trying to protect Khloe’s heart.

At this point, she starts crying saying that Khloe doesn’t deserve this. Jordyn says that she has not slept with Tristian and there has not been a relationship with him prior to the scandal.

And here it is guys the moment we have all been waiting for. You can watch the whole interview below.