Logan Paul’s Documentary About Flat Earth Was Actually Just A Mockery

The controversial YouTuber, Logan Paul, yesterday shared a 50-minute-long documentary called FLAT EARTH: To The Edge And Back, which prompted fans to believe he joined flat earthers a.k.a. a group of people who believe we’re living a lie. The video was shared on his YouTube channel and within 24 hours of uploading, it amassed over 24 million views.

flat earth documentary
Photo Credit: Logan Paul/YouTube, Getty images

The documentary shows Logan talking to real-life believers of the theory and attending the ‘Flat Earth International Conference’ in Denver, Colorado.

Watch the documentary below.

Source: Logan Paul Vlogs

The beginning of the video shows Logan in absolute denial of the theory, however, as the video progresses, the YouTuber seems to have become a believer and even says he is prepared to travel across Antarctica to prove the theory.

The 23-year-old is seen speaking to Robbie Davidson, who is the founder of the ‘Flat Earth International Conference’ at the event, saying:

I am that guy that will make it to the edge. If I’m going to put my name out there (as a Flat Earth supporter), I want to know the facts.

Some of the best scientists can’t explain gravity; Neil Degrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, in the end, do they even know?

I want to explore for myself and keep an open mind. There is a stigma of being a Flat Earther and if I’m going to do it I want to know the facts.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

While Logan managed to convince people he is really a flat earther, it turns out the documentary was actually – a mockumentary. Yup, and when he was asked whether he believes the Earth is flat, Logan said:

No, I don’t. I think that’s the dumbest shit I’ve heard in my life. However, I would go as far to say that at this point, I’m not sure … there is an Earth at all.

flat earth documentary
Photo Credit: Logan Paul/YouTube

People had conflicting opinions about the mockumentary, however, many praised the humor and the irony behind it, and shared their reactions on Twitter.

BBC’s Dave Lee also chimed in, tweeting:

Ok, that Logan Paul Flat Earth documentary is excellent. I mean it. A really clever film… I was second-guessing the whole way through. If you don’t get the joke, you perhaps *are* the joke. Sacha Baron Cohen eat your heart out.

Source: Dave Lee

YouTuber Bradlee, on the other hand, thought the documentary was all ‘theatrics and fake acting’.

Cringing so hard trying to watch this logan Paul doc about flat earth. Like the editing is good but why so much theatrics and fake acting. Losing my interest but I’m giving it a chance….

Source: Bradlee

Another one added:

Can’t even lie, this Logan Paul Flat Earth Doc is absolutely hilarious, it’s really well done, fair play. Flat earthers on strings.

Source: Freezy

Thank God it was a joke! We don’t need another flat earther, especially not one that is a famous YouTuber.