8 Photos People Believed Were Real But Were Proven To Be Fake

With all the talented people out there and all the free time they have, we can’t really believe everything we see on the internet. Especially, photos. Yet, we have been fooled multiple times by many previous viral photos, videos, or information that actually weren’t real at all. While many of them are harmless and for entertainment purposes only, some of them can really damage someone’s reputation. That’s when things get complicated. So, what’s left for us is not to believe something without arguments and not to be quick in judging.

But, even though this year there were more fakes than ever, it looks like people simply have become numb to the constant fact-checking. They choose to believe because it’s easier to do so rather than prove something wrong.

Without further ado, we have compiled a round-up of viral photos who turned out to be fake. For some, it is really hard to tell the difference, while some may make you a little disappointed for turning out not to be real.


1. Behind the scenes of Metro Goldwyn Mayer

It was thought that in order to create the MGM intro a lion was forcefully strapped down, which upset a lot of people. Fortunately, in reality, this was a photoshop from a lion in the vet’s office who is now completely healthy.

Photo Credit: Hai-Kef zoo


2. A cat with angry eyebrows

The internet is very keen on animals, especially those who have unique markings that make them even more human. As you see from the picture below, someone decided to add some angry eyebrows to this cat. But, what looked like a villain cat turned out to be a cute little kitty. The mustache was real, though.

photos proven fake
Photo Credit: spanky8520


3. The ‘fried rice wave’ meme

It looks like the man in the left has some amazing cooking skills. Or not really!

photos proven fake
Photo Credit: GeneReddit123


4. The black lion

Be it black or white, they are majestic! But, a black lion? Irresistible enough not to believe.

photos proven fake
Photo Credit: Pavoldvorsky, Dennis Painting


5. Moon on a skyscraper

Unrealistic scenarios and I’m not even mad about it.

photos proven fake
Photo Credit: AstronomyHD, Mo Aoun


6. Bear chasing a cyclist

Thankfully, the bear was not chasing a cyclist. It was chasing the photographer, maybe?

photos proven fake
Photo Credit: Adonis Arias


7. Bear chasing National Geographic photographers

This was a picture edited by the National Geographic photographers, who were away on a shoot and decided to scare their friends and family by pretending they had been chased by a bear. Creativity=level 100!

But, don’t you think the guy on the left gave it all away through his smiling face? Not that I have ever been chased by a bear, but that doesn’t sound like a funny situation, AT ALL!

photos proven fake
Photo Credit: EunByuL , Juha Soininen


8. Albert Einstein and a bomb exploding

The bomb explosion in this photo happened seven years after Einstien had passed away. So, there is no way this picture is real. Unless Einstein found out a way to travel in time and space.

photos proven fake
Photo Credit: snopes


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