A Silicone Writing-Aid Grip Is Here To Make Holding A Pencil Easier For Your Kids

Parenting is hard work. Ever since the moment one becomes a parent, they have to ensure their child is completely taken care of, make sure they receive affection as well as attention, and make sure they are taught to be kind to others, to respect people, and most importantly, they must be taught how to make a good life in a world that is constantly moving and changing.

But before that, there are some things that children must be taught as well. Like how to walk, how to talk, how to use the potty, how to eat on their own, and even how to write. This last one can be quite the struggle. Because before they are taught how to write, they should first be taught how to hold a pencil properly. Uhm… the struggle is real!

However, seems like there is a solution that is here to make the struggle easier for parents around the world. As GoodHouseKeeping reports, there is a perfect invention that is making its rounds in the world. See below:

silicone writing aid grip
Photo Credit: Amazon.com

These soft grips will help kids hold a pencil. Basically, it is a silicone grip that features two finger pockets for the thumb and the index finger. You can get a pack of these with three writing grips on Amazon Prime.

Now I can’t help but think why didn’t I have one of these as a child. Or where was this when I was struggling to help my little siblings practice their writing. Things just keep getting easier for the younger generations… Humanity should have stepped up their game earlier.

But, on the bright side, it’s good to know something like this exists. Now, let’s try to teach these little kids to be kind human beings since the issue of holding a pencil has already been solved!



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