How To Stop Excessive Sweating? 3 Ways That Can Help You Sweat Less

Sweating also known as perspiration is a normal bodily process that happens to everybody. Most of the people are concerned with armpits sweat. But perspiration also happens in our feet, hands, head, and face sometimes. Although sweating benefits are widely known – as it is a healthy process that helps our body temperature to cool down – excessive sweating can be an embarrassing condition to live with. When it comes to the question of how to stop excessive sweating the answer should be widely elaborated.

Sweat comes out on the surface of the skin through pores and when it hits the air, the sweat evaporates. Every time you sweat excessively during an intense workout or hot day, drinking liquids is crucial in order for us to replenish the water our body needs to function properly.

First, we have to define what causes excessive sweating. Since most of our sweat evaporates, we don’t usually notice when our sweating is produced at a normal pace. But sweating can be triggered by food, workout, or even stress. Some other factors that can cause sweating are also menopause and medications or illnesses. Moreover, people who are overweight, sweat more than others. In rare cases, people who excessively sweat might suffer from a medical condition known as hyperhidrosis.

There are some steps that you can take to minimize sweating according to Healthline.

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How to stop excessive sweating?


Avoid spicy food and hot drinks

Spicy food and hot drinks before bed can cause your body temperature to increase and that triggers sweating production. In this category is also included alcohol. If you drink a lot of alcohol you might be tricking your body that you’re working out, so much more sweat than normal will be produced. Excessive drinking of alcohol not only makes you sweat more as it increases the blood flow, but it can also make the sweat smell. In the times when you already consumed too much alcohol or hot drinks, make sure to stay hydrated by drinking water. It will help your body’s temperature mechanism to stay within its normal range. On the other hand, caffeine will also stimulate sweat glands and if you notice that you’re sweating because of these reasons, it’s time to cut short with the old lifestyle.

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Use an antiperspirant

The worst thing about sweat is that it isn’t just sticky but also smelly. This especially applies to armpits. However, sweat glands are not to blame for this. In fact, the sweat mixes with the bacteria on your skin and this is the way the unpleasant smell is created. Needless to say, antiperspirants are an inherent part of the morning routine, it’s also important to mention that we need one to control the production of sweat. Choose an antiperspirant that contains ingredients which help you keep the sweat at bay. Some people like to use deodorants instead. According to the dermatologist Jessica Wu, the best way for the antiperspirant to work is to apply it when your skin is dry. Also, unlike the contrary belief that antiperspirant should be used in the morning, putting antiperspirant before you sleep can be more effective to block your sweat glands.


Wear clothes from natural fabrics

At some point in our lives, we’ve all suffered from excessive sweat on our feet. Be it because of the socks material, or because of our feet being stuck in our shoes for many hours. Sometimes the solution to this problem is way simpler than we imagined. It’s important to wear light layers of clothes if our body is sweating during the day. And as long as you feel heat up, you can remove one of the layers. The best materials that draw the sweat away from your skin are the ones made from natural fabrics, like cotton, linen or silk. Also make sure to wash your body or feet after sweating.

Some more tips to reduce sweating:

  • Take some time to relax each day. We mentioned that stress can also induce sweating.
  • Stay hydrated during the day. Keep your skin fresh by drinking a lot of water.
  • Keep an antiperspirant always on your bag.

If you notice that your sweating it’s still being produced in excessive pace,  it’s time to go for a checkup and your doctor will prescribe what you actually need.