12+ Things Which You Forgot They Ever Existed In The Past

Time flies and with time a lot of things go through drastic changes. Some of the things only get better and renew, while, some of them get substituted by the rapid technology development.

As much as you might be thankful for living in the present days, there are some things which you would like to know what their purpose was when you see them around the internet. Take, for instance, the Floppy disk which if I’d show my little sister that, she’d think that is a 3D printed saving button. Well, wrong, sister! Try again later.

Even though some of the things we are about to show you below are now worthless, it is fun to know what they were used for long time ago and how they looked like. Hop on and hope you enjoy the read!

1. A TV with a VHS player built into it

Photo Credit: en.wikipedia.org

2. A TV with a DVD player in it

Photo Credit: reddit.com

3. See-through electronics

Photo Credit: reddit.com

4. iPhone apps where you drank fake beer

Photo Credit: onmilwaukee.com

5. iPhone apps where you could download a fake lighter

Photo Credit: play.google.com

6. The flip phone and the Internet

Photo Credit: passingpleasantries.tumblr.com

7. Portable DVD players

Photo Credit: Twitter: @ldn_elek

8. Car phones

Photo Credit: Twitter: @search

9. Those robot dogs that eventually died

Photo Credit: reddit.com



10. Watches that lit up blue

Photo Credit: reddit.com

11. Aggressively thick big screen TVs

Photo Credit: reddit.com

12. Big Mouth Billy Bass

Photo Credit: Twitter: @StevenBalthaser


13. Netflix’s DVD service:

Photo Credit: suburbanmen.com


14. Hit Clips

Photo Credit: Twitter: @BlasingimKyle



15. The original iPod with buttons

Photo Credit: reddit.com


16. Off-brand MP3 player that looked like this

Photo Credit: reddit.com

17. That paper toss iPhone game

things you forgot they existed
Photo Credit: reddit.com

18. N64 rumble packs:

things you forgot they existed
Photo Credit: Nintendo

Such pictures really make one nostalgic and go back to how fast time flies!

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