Witness 12+ Most Peculiar Footwear Created Out Of Everyday Objects

Every day, fashion teaches us that everything can be worn and combined. Almost e-v-e-r-y-th-i-n-g! Even something whose first purpose is to be eaten – can be worn, according to nowadays fashion. Not that we are out of clothing material, it’s just we have run out of ideas, so any possible thing on earth would be welcomed to be used as our outfit. Crazy or creative, that’s what people are practicing today.

If you want to see a practical demonstration of unusual things being used as footwear, we are bringing to you the photographer, Nikolaj Beyer. He is a Danish photographer with a study on Bornholm. Nikolaj has specialized in advertising photography; portrait photography, food photography, product photography, branding a business and developing promotional strategies. In his recent series, Everyday Shoes Nikolaj has gone beyond the box and has brought something unusual, unique, and striking. He has collected a combination of weird and brilliant shoes whose ‘ingredients’ are very uncommon.

So, whether you are a vegan or a carnivore, what we are about to show you will awe you! Bored Panda has gathered some very ‘special’ shoes from Nikolaj Beyer’s collection. From vegetable shoes, meat shoes, chocolate stilettos, and whatnot shoes, you will find all in one scroll!


1. The Garden Stiletto


2. The Newspaper Boot


3. The Christmas Edition Gift Boot


4. The Forrest Stiletto


5. The Detox Cinderella Shoe


6. The Detox Boot


7. The Chocolate Stiletto


8. The Chunky Organic Flip Flop


9. The Sushi Flip Flop


10. The Basil Boot


11. The Happy New Year Stiletto


12. The Highlighter Shoe


13. The Flower Sandal

unusual shoes


14. The “One Is Never Enough” Heel

unusual shoes


15. The Candy Heel

unusual shoes


16. The Glitter Boot

unusual shoes


17. The Organic Slingback Kitten Heel

unusual shoes


18. The Bacon Boot

unusual shoes

You can find more about the Danish photographer, Nikolaj Beyer and his unique work on his Instagram page: nikolajbeyer or web: nikolajbeyer.com


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